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Soldier Thinking In Front Of Flag - What's the Big Deal About Veterans - Article By Be Pain Free Global
The Doctor's Corner

What’s the Big Deal About Veterans?

We often link the word veteran with the word sacrifice. There are many types of sacrifices that veterans make. They sacrifice their autonomy. For as …

cannabis breast cancer blog

The Psychological Impact of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The words, “It’s cancer” often strike terror into the hearts of the patients and caregivers hearing them. Historically, cancer was a “death sentence”, with that …

Cannabis Leaf and Measuring Tape - Medical Cannabis For Weight Loss - Can Cannabis Make You Thinner?
The Doctor's Corner

Medical Cannabis For Weight Loss: Can Using Cannabis Make You Thinner?

I cannot count the number of times that I have spoken to patients about medical cannabis for weight loss who have raised the following objection: …

100 Best Cannabis Strains

 Check out what’s smoking on the Be Pain Free strain list. Curated by our editor and other weed pros, the eight-genre collection features the best strains of all time.

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