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Be Pain Free Mission Statement

Currently the global population suffers from wide-ranging health problems and a seemingly endless list of diseases caused by a flawed understanding of nutrition, environmental toxins and a dramatic shift in lifestyle as technology permeates every facet of life.

Obesity, diabetes and pain management, which often leads to opioid (and other drug) addictions, as well as a general state of malaise about the healthcare system, have taken over the narrative, leaving individuals to choose the failing drug-focused path that their physician offers or finding alternatives that make better sense. These more open-minded solutions along with a strong focus on health and wellness create a major opportunity for Be Pain Free to serve the needs of those suffering, while building an environment of trust and security that will keep our clients feeling great.

If you observe the world of pharmaceuticals, which includes mainly prescription medications, you will see a billion-dollar market (expected USD 486.62 billion in 2021), whose products yield major side effects and additional health issues throughout the population. Most drugs are symptomatic and provide a sense of temporary relief while maintaining the foundation for long-term health concerns.

Be Pain Free offers a holistic approach to healing which can improve the overall quality of life of our clientele, all while solidifying a solid spot in this lucrative marketplace. With our database of 70 million people and a team of brilliant healthcare practitioners, we will bring this essential, alternative platform to a global audience, while maintaining a nimble business and shifting as needed to maximize the benefits for our clients, financial partners and key stakeholders.


Be Pain Free has built a platform to help people bring their bodies and minds back to perfect health. By combining Eastern philosophy, botanical medicine, quantum theory, neuroscience, epigenetics, homeopathy and nutrition into one modality in hopes to propel individuals into self-care and healing.

Research has proven that the mind and body release the same chemicals under the influence of a placebo as they do with prescribed drugs and that an individual can change their own genetic blueprint with food and a meditative internal dialogue, which results in the body no longer being plagued by inherited, unwanted genes.

Imagine a home that helps people heal any illness, offers different homeopathic approaches and products from around the world as well as providing a forum where people can share their stories of healing and transformation. We intend to provide an opening here with the means and educational tools for self-healing while bringing vitality to this platform with medicine and information that makes a real, positive difference in people’s lives.

The current healthcare system is not working, and this is an opportunity to be at the forefront of change and lead the way. The cannabis industry is still in its infancy and we have a tremendous opportunity for major change. We understand the current issues of our planet and our commitment is to use our resources to create positive changes. Our dynamic team will have an immediate impact in three areas: agriculture, water, and education.

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