Blueberry Space Cake

Blueberry Space Cake is a hybrid strain that may offer physical relief for conditions such as pain and insomnia, while at the same time it could offer relief from tension and anxiety, but if you suffer from migraines, this is the strain for you!  Blueberry Space Cake contains a hefty ratio of 70% indica and 30% sativa. The flavors and aromas are tempting, citrus and fruity with wafts of sweet-tasting blueberries filling the air and awakening your senses to an earthy, Kushy, blueberry-sky, where, rest assured, you’ll soon be pain-free!

Consumers who have been testing various strains to alleviate pain and suffering for as much as 25 years, report that Blueberry Space Cake is one to keep in the medicine cabinet at all times!  It provides Kush-forward effects that include elation and arousal, while the medicine quickly melts away tension in your limbs leaving you relaxed and nearly numb.  You will likely experience a robust rush of heady euphoria, while a heightened response to touch may bring you closer to cuddling with your loved one before drifting off into a long, tranquil slumber.

Blueberry Space Cake is a superior strain which may offer some relief for all kinds of physical pain, even, “those deep aches that… often painkillers are not effective on.” This medical marijuana strain will reportedly take hold in less than 20 minutes and last for a lengthy eight hours!  It’s been used to gain relief from a variety of conditions, especially, as mentioned earlier, those who suffer from chronic migrainesHowever, being a heavy and sedative strain, it could be used for fibromyalgia, nerve damage, restlessness, clenched jaw (TMJ), restless leg syndrome (RLS), insomnia, muscle tension and spasms, IBS, as well as Crohn’s disease and the stomach pains that come with it! Blueberry Space Cake may also be used for arthritis, ADD/ADHD, PMS and Muscular Dystrophy (MS). As it brings on the stomach pangs, it’s consumed as an appetite stimulant as well!

Although, as with all weed strains, you’ll have to mind your dosage to avoid undesirable side-effects.  Some people find themselves feeling a little anxious or concerned, but this typically settles shortly after dosing.  The Blueberry Space Cake cultivar is an indica forward hybrid strain bred by Cresco Labs through the lineage of Outer Space and Alien Dutchess.

At Be Pain Free Global, we offer the High Tolerance Concentratess (HTC) brand of Blueberry Space Cake, which is the finest quality brand on the market today. All aspects of the growing process happen under advanced scrutiny from the seed to the scent-proof, sealed packaged!  You’ll get consistent quality and high potency with every order!  We offer a wide range of HTC flowers and carts that offer similar affects, such as White Widow, OG Kush and Papaya Punch, although some of these may only be available in carts.

Many tokers agree that, Blueberry Space Cake is one that, “belongs in your emergency kit at all times!!!”  This medicine is a powerful, long-lasting creeper and if too much is consumed, the effects can be intense and lead to “couch lock.”  If you’ve tried this strain, we invite you to share your experience by leaving a review!

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