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5 Reasons Why I Recommend That All Of My Patients Consider Be Pain Free Global When Purchasing Their Medical Cannabis.


California made cannabis medically legal in 1996, 25 years ago. Their industry has matured since that time, so in contrast with some states that have passed their medical cannabis laws much more recently, California dispensaries like Be Pain Free Global have access to a wider range of strains and delivery methods. This is helpful for patients looking for a delivery method not available in their state. For example,in my home state of Pennsylvania, patients are unable to order edibles in dispensaries.

My Patients Also Comment On The Higher Level Of Quality And Potency They Find In The Be Pain Free Global Products In Comparison To What They Can Purchase Locally.


I hear that the taste and the psychoactive effects are superior. I have also heard from patients that “it takes 10 puffs from a Pennsylvania vape to equal the effects of one puff from a Be Pain Free Global vape”. This is especially important to patients who find vaping a challenge because of lung issues, coughing etc.–they don’t need to inhale more potentially irritating vapors than necessary.

Be Pain Free Global’s Founders Go Out Of Their Way To Ensure That Affordability Does Not Keep Patients From Their Medicine. 


They have day to day prices that are much, MUCH lower than the prices in other state’s dispensaries, and on top of this run deals, specials and sales regularly. The Affiliate Program, which incentivizes patients to share information about the collective and earn money or store credits, also makes it possible for patients to alleviate the cost of their medicine.

The Fact That Be Pain Free Global Ships Medicine Directly To Patients’ Homes Has Been A Lifesaver To Many Of My Patients.


If, as a physician, I send an electronic prescription for several hundred morphine tablets to a pharmacy, anyone can come in and pick them up–there are no restrictions. In contrast in Pennsylvania, as well as many other states, the only people allowed inside the dispensary are the patients, unless their caregiver’s go through a cumbersome and expensive process including paying for fingerprinting to get their own certifications. If a patient is too ill to go to the dispensary, or if he or she does not feel able to make decisions regarding which products would be best for him/her, he is out of luck. I had an elderly patient who was hard of hearing and had failing vision, and she was unable to understand the instructions given to her in the dispensary. With Be Pain Free Global, caregivers can participate in the process and guide patients who need assistance.

The Customer Service Offered By Be Pain Free Global Is Also A Differentiator.


The people answering the phones and emails/texts treat the customers like family, offering their cell phone numbers and email addresses to patients to use as needed. They are dedicated to “being of service”, and value their relationships with their patients. They provide individualized care, and help patients problem solve and come up with creative solutions to problems and concerns. If they don’t immediately know the answer, they are pleased to research it and find the best answers to patient questions, as well as those posed by referring physicians.

As A Collective, Be Pain Free Global Is Extremely Responsive To The Needs And Requests From Their Patients.


As an example, when I started referring cancer patients who had never used cannabis before to the collective, many of them found the high THC RSO impossible to tolerate, becoming dizzy and faint, or becoming overwhelmed by the psychoactive side effects. When I discussed this concern with the head biochemist at the collective, as well as my desire to have CBD in the formula to harness the cancer fighting qualities in CBD and other cannabinoids as well as the modulation of the psychoactive effects of THC by CBD, Be Pain Free Global created two RSO formulas, one 50/50, THC/CBD and other cannabinoids, and a 90/10 formula, 90 % CBD and other cannabinoids and only 10% THC. Together with the original 90/10 THC/CBD formula, they have covered the spectrum of medication needs that my patients required. This level of flexibility and creative responsiveness is unheard of in other dispensaries and cannabis businesses.

Finally, Be Pain Free Global has me. As our relationship deepened, and I learned more and more about the impact that medical cannabis could have in treating a myriad of disease states with better efficacy and fewer side effects and toxicities, my interest in working in the “cannabis space” has grown.  Be Pain Free Global considers my expertise an essential part of their mission, and so has added me to the collection of services offered. I am available for individual sessions to work with patients on “de-prescribing “ them from their complicated regimens of traditional pharmaceutical agents, as well as troubleshooting their medical cannabis experience, recommending specific strains and/or delivery methods for different medical problems. I will also be blogging regularly to offer information and tips on the use of your medications. I look forward to getting to know many of you in the future.


Thanks for reading,

Dr Lynn

Are You Ready To Be Pain Free?

Be Pain Free Global Is A Recognized Leader In The Medical Cannabis Space. If you would like to learn more about us or how to join the collective you can reach out to us via the chat button on our website, or call us at 1-888-420-3848

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