Thoughts On Healing

I write this letter from my heart and believe it will find you in an open mind. Everything I share I believe to be true and ask that you read it in its entirety and then ask your inner self if it is true.

So all disease in the body starts energetically before there is an issue physically.

Today a scientist can photograph a plants energy field and observe a leaf energetically before it actually grows physically, this is called Kirlian photography. I use this as an example because our bodies are similar.

Our bodies are very intelligent and always communicating with us. If there is discomfort, it is the body saying, hey you over here. Let’s begin by asking what thought patterns do you give energy to during the day. Our thoughts dictate what chemicals the brain releases that determine our bodies’ chemistry.

Dr. Joe Dispenza illustrates the different brain patterns and how it affects the body whether in healing or causing illness. If a person has happy thought patterns the brain releases alkaline chemicals and if the person is worried, anxious or anything relating to these feelings the brain releases acidic chemicals.

Imagine cancer is a fungus and can only grow in an environment that is acidic; our thoughts would either feed or remove the fungus. This is the same as if you owned a pool that had algae. If you wanted to remove the algae you would add baking soda to your pool to raise the ph. to an alkaline level and the algae would go away.

Our bodies are meant to be alkaline but the majority of our diet is acidic and in tandem with our brain chemistry we can have an environment perfect for cancer to thrive.

Another important fact is that our thoughts dictate what our genes do.

We can turn genes on or off depending on our diet and internal feelings, this is called epigenetics. Dr. Bruce Lipton wrote a great book titled The Biology of Belief, which goes into depth on this topic. There have been many cases of people with multiple personality disorders that change eye color from one personality to the next.

Another example they have witnessed is tumors the size of a grapefruit disappearing when they switch personalities. I use this as an example because when we truly believe something, we can change anything.

I have a good friend who is a child psychologist and after sharing this information with her she shared a similar story of a little girl she used to counsel. The little girl would have thousands of tumors one day and a few days later they would disappear. They have no explanation to this day, because until medicine factors in the mind, we will never truly heal.

Another topic I would like to talk about that helps people heal much faster is Chi energy.

This is the term the Chinese use for the life-force energy that is everywhere. Every culture has a name for it; in Hindi it is called Praná.

I learned about this energy years ago when my younger sister was told she needed a kidney. I took some classes similar to Reiki and experienced firsthand the healing benefits of bringing this life force into my own body.

After working with this energy over time I began noticing I could charge batteries, cameras and my children’s toys. It became a family joke after a few years. I have also witnessed it healing broken bones, pain and many other things since then.

Our bodies are like a battery and if we are present and learn to breathe deeply, we can take in a lot more energy. This is one of the reasons I meditate and/or pray every day. Since I started this habit, I do not get sick and I feel younger today than I did twenty years ago.

Lastly, consider your body is mostly water, how fast is your water vibrating? Water has the potential to be ice, water or steam. When it becomes steam it can power a locomotive. I use this as an example because our feelings and diet dictate our vibration. Our vibration dictates how healthy our bodies are.

If you would like to raise your vibration, pay attention to your thoughts and only give energy to the ones that make you happy. If you find yourself thinking an unwanted thought, replace it with the complete opposite.

Over time you will weed out all the unwanted thoughts and replace them with awesome new ones. In the beginning it takes effort but after a few weeks it becomes a great habit. This one thing will completely change your life! We are here to be happy and healthy, and when we learn to be present and guide our attention anything is possible.

I kept this as short as possible because I didn’t want to overwhelm you with information. We can easily heal your body if you are willing to make some changes. I helped a friend in his late 70’s heal himself from leukemia just by raising his bodies’ ph. above a 7.3. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment.

Lots of love on your journey,

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