Dr. Lynn

Dr. Bornfriend is a triple Board-Certified psychiatrist in Adult, Child & Adolescent, and Forensic psychiatry. She has practiced medicine in a wide variety of clinical settings and specializes in psychiatric evaluation and treatment planning, medication management, crisis intervention, and both supportive and insight-oriented psychotherapy. She spent the last 9 1/2 years working as the psychiatrist for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Zion, Illinois and has therefore become a specialist and psycho-oncologist. She was the sole educator for patients interested in learning about medical cannabis, helping patients understand the potential uses of cannabis in the control of the symptoms and side effects of their disease and its treatment, its efficacy in a wide range of disease states, its favorable toxicity profile and impact on the avoidance of polypharmacy, and its promotion of wellness as well as disease-fighting abilities. She explored the roots of cannabis prohibition in the United States and became fascinated with the potential it has in improving the quality of life for so many people.

Dr. Bornfriend became aware of Be Pain Free Global through one of her patients at the Cancer Center. Over the past five years, she has referred more than 1,500 patients to the collective and closely followed their progress while using medical cannabis. She has been impressed by the variety of strains offered, the variety of delivery methods available, superior quality and potency, and their affordable and reasonable pricing. Her patients who have joined the Collective have been thrilled with the quality of the medicine they have received as well as the accompanying information, troubleshooting, and compassion available to them, as all of the employees at Be Pain Free Global go above and beyond to provide education, support, encouragement, and service to patients struggling with severe illness. Doctor Bornfriend has become a Thought Leader in the field of medical cannabis having attended multiple courses, training programs, and conferences as well as given dozens of presentations and interviews for a wide variety of audiences including physicians, non-physician medical employees, and the general public She has served on the Medical Advisory Panels of several different cannabis businesses prior to joining the Be Pain Free Global team. She is a certifying physician licensed in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Hawaii, with California licensing in process. As she shifts her career path more into wellness, mindfulness, integrative and plant-based medicine, she has become more involved in the Collective and is constantly expanding ways to offer her services. She has developed an interest in working with patients on “De-prescribing”, incorporating medical cannabis and other integrative services to decrease and eliminate a number of pharmaceutical agents they consume, avoiding addiction, morbidity, and mortality associated with such practices.

Dr. Bornfriend is married and lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband and two teenagers, as well as two large, goofy dogs. She enjoys travel, film, outdoor activity, literature, and music.

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