Gasoline Alley

The vivacious, Gasoline Alley medical marijuana strain is loud with the raw pongs of diesel fuel and OG that veteran tokers love! The strong scent comes from the terpene profile, which includes borneol, limonene and ocimene.  The borneol in this strain brings about the pungent diesel, sweet and floral flavors and aroma. The limonene enhances the pungency, while ocimene enhances its sweetness!  Consumers love this flavor profile because, although it’s pungent, it’s also like a creamy, fruity, floral taste of candy!  After the first toke of this powerful one-hitter, the weed comes on fast and furious killing tension and chronic pain in its wake!

Gasoline Alley is a great weed strain to try in the late afternoon or when you don’t have much to do on a rainy day, especially if you’re ready to sit down to a tasty meal, as it will get those stomach pangs fired up and ready to be tamed!  However, patients who suffer from depression and tend to isolate themselves, may want to consider planning some fun activities around toking this one.  Gasoline Alley tends to bring everyone alive with a giddy, fun-filled social factor that will enhance the gathering, while diminishing depression and social anxiety!  Nonetheless, everyone will likely get pretty sedated, so plan for an early evening, especially if it includes a festive feast!

Gasoline Alley is equipped to treat other conditions as well. For example, millions are suffering from the painfully incurable disease, Lupus (SLE). An autoimmune disorder that can affect kidneys, joints, skin, blood cells, the brain, heart and lungs! It’s frequently treated with steroids, along with various methods developed to control the symptoms and reduce flare-ups in order to improve the patients’ quality of life. Gasoline Alley helps to alleviate chronic pain and inflammation, two of the major complaints of those who are struck with this disease. While at the same time, it’s uplifting qualities can ease anyone’s day.

In a study that documented the findings of over 700 Military amputees, 85% of them reported pain sensitivity issues that include phantom sensations and phantom limb pain.  It is a disorienting and tormenting condition that can leave one in a state of deep depression and despair.  Sadly, many sufferers are treated by neurologists who simply prescribe narcotics, such as fentanyl. Although they provide some relief, the patient is left nauseous and constipated!  Remarkably, medical marijuana is a practical treatment option for this condition and can be consumed in controlled doses throughout the day while remaining cognitive and functional!

There are many medical marijuana strains available that don’t make you drowsy and growers are making strides in developing hybrid strains to treat a vast array of these conditions.  The Gasoline Alley cannabis cultivar is an indica forward hybrid strain bred by Green Team Genetics through the lineage of I-95 and Fruit Bound.

At Be Pain Free Global, we offer the High Tolerance Concentrates (HTC) brand of Gasoline Alley, which is the finest quality brand on the market today. All aspects of the growing process happen under advanced scrutiny from the seed to the scent-proof, sealed packaged!  You’ll get consistent quality and high potency with every order!  We offer a wide range of HTC flowers that offer similar affects, such as Now and Later, Space Bomb and Somari, although some of these may only be available in carts.

Gasoline Alley is fairly new on the market.  Keep in mind, the medicine is powerful, long lasting and if too much is consumed, the effects can be intense and lead to “couch lock.”  If you’ve tried this strain, we invite you to share your experience by leaving a review!

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Gasoline Alley

The vivacious, Gasoline Alley medical marijuana strain is loud with the raw pongs of diesel fuel and OG that veteran tokers love! The strong scent

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