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The Doctor's Corner

What Is the Impact of Stress, and How Can Cannabis Help?

We hear a lot about how life today is full of stress, and how we need to control the stress in our lives to avoid …

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The Doctor's Corner

Veterans and Cannabis

The weekend after 4/20 I attended the National Cannabis Festival in Washington DC and spent most of my time in the Veterans Wellness Lounge. I …

PTSD Cannabis
PTSD Treatment

Beginning to Unravel PTSD, and Why Cannabis Is so Useful for Patients Who Are Battling It

Despite the devastating loss of life due to the pandemic, more than 6 million people world wide, as well as the chronic medical problems patients …

100 Best Cannabis Strains

 Check out what’s smoking in Be Pain Free strain list. Curated by our editor and other weed pros, the eight-genre collection
features the best strains of all time.

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