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Gasoline strain

Gasoline Alley

The vivacious, Gasoline Alley medical cannabis strain is loud with the raw pongs of diesel fuel and OG that veteran tokers love! The strong scent comes from the terpene profile, which includes borneol, limonene and ocimene.  The borneol in this strain brings about the pungent diesel, sweet and floral flavors and aroma. The limonene enhances …

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Gliter Apples

Glitter Apple

With a higher concentration of indica, the Glitter Apple medical cannabis strain is great for managing conditions such as pain and insomnia.  It holds a mighty 22% THC and offers tempting flavors and aromas which are sweet, minty, and fruity, with notes of orange and lime.  You may also notice coffee, tar, and skunky aromas, …

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strain mac

MAC #10

This powerful one-hitter offers medical cannabis patients’ a way to better manage conditions such as chronic pain and fatigue, while at the same time it offers relief from tension and depression.  Miracle Alien Cookies #10 is one of many favorite wake-and-bake strains, as countless consumers toke this one with their morning coffee before heading out …

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medicinal mushrooms

Medical Support with Magic Mushooms

Although most sought-after species of psilocybin may cause the “mushroom yawns” when ingested, the consumer will likely be experiencing anything but boredom or fatigue!  Popular for treating some physical and psychological disorders, today a variety of psilocybe cubensis strains are available in a few consumable forms that offer options for precise dosing with mindful intentions.  …

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Sherbet Cake

Sherb Cake

The Sherbert Cake weed strain, also known as Sherb Cake or Sherbet Cake, comes through the lineage of the very popular Girl Scout Cookies medical marijuana strain along with Pink Panties.  The unknown breeder did an amazing job uniting the two.  As with most hybrid strains, you typically get at least a little of both …

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Here we have a tasty strain, of which the origins seem to be elusive. First of all, it’s going by various spellings, which of course is confusing consumers!  Are we going to talk here about the Lollypop medical marijuana strain or the Lollipop weed strain?  Well, first, let’s take a look at Lollypop!  Data on …

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AC Diesel

AC Diesel

AC Diesel CBD hemp flower hasn’t had a tremendous amount of circulation since its debut in 2018, however, those who have toked it say it’s simply outstanding! With a higher concentration of CBD, AC Diesel was bred to treat many conditions of medical marijuana patients.  It has a low 3% THC content that pales to …

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