Turkey Day Tension

Current statistics show that the most celebrated holiday of the year in the USA is Thanksgiving Day. Although celebrations were held as early as 1541, in 1789 President Washington declared November 26th a National Day of Thanksgiving.  However, it wasn’t made official until years later after editor, Sarah Josepha Hale began to write essays and launched a letter-writing campaign to support the idea.  Her efforts paid off after 36 years of dedication to the celebration when she wrote a letter directly to President Lincoln.  On Oct. 3, 1863, Father Abraham declared it a national holiday and ever since American citizens have celebrated this special day of gratitude.

With all of the arrangements and good intentions surrounding the day, there will still be those who suffer through it with travel-associated stress, social anxiety, migraines, food-prep fatigue and even depression.  Planning a big celebration and exerting the effort to bring it to fruition can be taxing.  Unfortunately, many of the conditions associated with holiday blues aren’t diagnosed and therefore family and friends are left unequipped with the medicine needed to make these days brighter.  However, with a medical marijuana card, the symptoms and concerns could be addressed with a wide range of cannabis products to promote a healthy lifestyle and happy day!

Symptoms of Holiday Blues

  • persistent sadness that can vary in intensity and duration
  • feeling depressed and listless
  • fluctuations in appetite or weight
  • interrupted sleep patterns
  • irritability and mood swings
  • being overly concerned
  • feeling worthless or blaming self
  • trouble concentrating
  • poor eating habits
  • loss of interest in doing enjoyable activities (anhedonia)

Endocannabinoids are natural ligands of cannabinoid, vanilloid, and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors within the human anatomy.  The likeness of these endocannabinoids to the THC found in medical marijuana, “and their importance in maintaining human health, have raised significant interest among scientists to further study their role in health and disease, and potentially use them as therapeutic targets,” to treat a variety of conditions.  What’s important to understand is that, “…endocannabinoids regulate several bodily functions such as sleep, mood, appetite, learning, memory, body temperature, pain, immune functions and fertility.”  Therefore, it’s easy to grasp how medical marijuana could aid in an effort to eliminate the symptoms associated with the holiday blues.



The endocannabinoid system – consisting of the endocannabinoids 
 and the cannabinoid receptors regulates nerve cell communication 
 at the synapse, thereby playing a role in a variety of bodily functions.

Live Resin Tinctures offer the entourage effect, meaning that you get all of the benefits of this powerful medicinal herb in each drop.  They are loaded with the terpenes and cannabinoids that help to balance the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and stay healthy. Additionally, the hemp-derived cannabinoids within these tinctures may provide powerful relief with each drop. Medical marijuana patients have written many reviews proclaiming that they help with mood swings, migraines and fatigue; symptoms that could surface at any family gathering.

It goes without saying that the hours of turkey-day preparations can be simply exhausting, both mentally and physically.  Patients seeking a boost in energy often turn to sativa strains that provide upliftment, energy and pain relief.  Pineapple Express is a good example.  Debra C. (verified purchase) March 16 ’22, provided her thoughts. “Instant get up and go! A lil goes a long way. Excellent for daytime use: relaxing, focusing, creative inducing.”

Medical marijuana products range from very mild, such as a CBD gummy to very potent, such as THC badder, so depending on the symptoms and desired level of relief, patients might find just the right fit. Silky badder is the best choice for dab-lovers seeking an intensified smoke and Super Lemon Haze has reportedly been helpful for patients who seek relief from mood swings, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, hangover, headache, migraines, nausea, psychological burdens, stress and anxiety.  It could be the number one ingredient for blissful couch-locked celebrations!

To avoid getting caught up in stressful emotions, it’s best to be prepared.  This might include having realistic expectations, patients and positive intentions. Daily exercise, mindfulness and medical marijuana can play a healthy role in your routine and might help you stay prepared for any surprisingly stressful situation.  Additionally, keeping a steady routine within the entire family, helps everyone to maintain an easy-going flow.

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