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The New Era of Gummies

Just the idea of having a piece of candy that offers health benefits is enough for many consumers to stock up. Gummies are available as vitamin supplements, probiotics and even for heart health. Most gummies do not require any doctor recommendation and are taken as over the counter supplements. This includes some hemp-derived cannabinoid products, which are also readily available in many retail markets.
Some of the most popular gummies for medicinal use are infused with cannabinoids such as CBD, Delta 8 and Delta 9/THC. CBD and Delta 8 gummies can be found in various retail outlets and they don’t require a medical marijuana card, as these gummies don’t induce psychoactive feelings, but offer a deep sense of serenity as well as some pain relief. On the other hand, the Delta 9/THC gummies do require a doctor’s recommendation for legal use, because they typically provide a strong sense of euphoria, possible psychoactive effects and are used to treat a wider variety of ailments. “In some ways, edibles are a more potent way to deliver these cannabinoids.”

What are the pros and cons of cannabis gummies?
The greatest benefit of these hemp-derived, cannabinoid-filled edibles is that there’s no smoking involved, which many consumers find most appealing. Other reasons that medical marijuana patients choose gummies is that the dosage is pre-measured, they come in a variety of flavors, offer discreet consumption and long-lasting effects.
One of the cons being that they take longer to kick in. Activation time is approximately 30-60 minutes and duration of the medicinal benefits typically last six hours or more. “In (a) study, conducted by Cone and colleagues…, subjects with a history of cannabis use received cannabis-infused brownies and completed a series of behavioral and physiological measures of drug effect. Participants experienced drug effects that were rated as favorable, with peak responses occurring an average of 3 hours after ingestion and effects dissipating within 24 hours.”
Another downside to having edibles for medical marijuana use is that they are not always created with precise consistency. As with all consumables, consistency is key. Once you find a product that suites your needs, especially in the form of gummies, it’s a good idea to stick with what works best, so that you don’t face the unwanted challenges of when to use them or how much to dose. Medical marijuana patients who like to have gummies on hand as their medication of choice, especially appreciate when the products offer consistent quality with each batch. For example, BlackJack (verified purchase) October 26, 2022, wrote, “Wow these taste great and are strong! I love all the HTC edibles I’ve tried. Thanks, BPFG for your consistency!”

How much THC is in typically found in one gummy?
As with any herb or over the counter remedy, it’s wise to take the recommended dosage and if too much is consumed, there are typically some unwanted side effects. With that in mind, gummies are typically made with a cannabinoid content of 10mg and one gummy for an average adult is enough for treatment over a long period. “The amount of Δ9-THC in edibles can vary across a single product and across batches formulated at different times, making it difficult for users to estimate how much Δ9-THC they consume.”

How does a Δ9-THC edible make you feel?
Δ9-THC gummies reportedly provide relief from anxiety, nausea and chronic pain; they also offer feelings of euphoria and serenity. However, it’s important for patients to choose the type of cannabis flower that their gummies are infused with in order to gain the greatest benefits. THC gummies can be purchased with either an indica or sativa-infused strain. Each will provide the same effects as they would if smoking the flower, but as has been noted, it’s common for the feelings to be more intense.

THC Gummies
HTC Peach Heart Gummies are developed from a sativa medical marijuana strain, making them perfect for daytime use. Lawrence (verified purchase) February 23, 2022, “it was the only thing that help my pain after my shoulder surgery… 5 stars.”
THC Watermelon Slices are developed with indica-based cannabinoid extracts, which are best for use in the evening. Dylan (verified purchase) January 28, 2022, Rated 5/5, “This product is very good being there (are) 20 doses and long-lasting effects; good for medicating on the go discreetly.”
The chosen time to have a CBD or Delta 8 gummy largely depends on the reason for taking them. CBD is commonly used for seizures, anxiety, depression and migraines. Some products come in a variety of potency, so consumers can make the best decision about using a lower or higher dose throughout the day or evening. A good example is these infused CBD EDIBLES.
Some other alternatives include, Delta 8 gummies, like these, SCCC- Delta 8 gummies. Dave R. (January 20, 2021), wrote “Two of these knocked me for a very pleasant loop. Sleep came on quick and hard without any dizziness etc. Great product.” A unique product that’s also available is a rare Δ8 +Δ9 Gummy, SCCC 4200MG.

Author: Mary Ann Merriman

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