Crohn’s Disease And Cannabis




Current research results show Cannabinoids are being more widely recognized for their anti-inflammatory responses.

As more research is completed studying Cannabinoids, the evidence gets stronger in support of CBD to treat Crohn’s.

Studies have revealed that CBD and other Cannabinoids may be beneficial in inflammatory disorders, Crohn’s disease included.

It’s no secret that cannabis has been used historically for pain relief, and studies show that the cannabinoid compounds in the plant may have many different anti inflammatory properties as well. “Studies have revealed that the endocannabinoid system is involved in almost all major immune events. Cannabinoids may, therefore, be beneficial in inflammatory disorders.”

Subsequently, cannabinoids are being more widely recognized for their anti inflammatory responses, with an “overall reduction in pro-inflammatory cytokine expression and an increase in anti-inflammatory cytokines.”

This suggests that cannabinoids may have a direct impact on inflammatory diseases, such as Crohn’s disease: “The endocannabinoid system may influence the manifestation of inflammatory bowel diseases, suggesting endocannabinoids as potential target for future therapies.”

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