Bone and Joint Health


Bones frame our bodies and provide protection to our organs. As you may know, bone density and strength decrease as we grow older, frequently resulting in fractured and broken bones. Recent discoveries have suggested compounds in cannabis that could help with bone diseases and speed up bone repair.

Diseases like osteoporosis can make bones incredibly brittle. So much so that they can break even after a low impact accident. Research conducted over the past several years has found that cannabidiol may be a potent therapeutic agent for protection against painful bone diseases.

Without bones, our bodies would be unable to move. As we get older bone density decreases.


Dr. Yankel Gabet of Tel Aviv University and Itai Bab of Hebrew University, co-led researchers to test the theory published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research on two sets of rats.

One set of rats was given CBD alone and another was given CBD and THC. CBD was found to stimulate the reproduction of bone cells by an enzyme to speed up collagen maturation (crosslinking as well as stabilizing). This, in turn, could enable broken bones to heal faster and stronger.

This is good news for sufferers of osteoporosis or other bone conditions.


Because of the safety profile of CDB, clinical trials would help to ascertain the complete medical value of CBD to improve human bone health and fracture healing.

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