Puff, Puff – And Pass on Prescription Pills

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. 

Chinese Proverb

Relaxation is one of the greatest gifts cannabis offers us.

It’s the answer to dealing with our crazy life—without having to reach for the little white or blue pills, or the numb of booze.

We all know that stuff only makes it worse, so maybe it’s time to try medicinal cannabis as the best way to deal with stress.

For some this might be a big decision—after all, we were taught to listen to the Dr. and do what “they” say because, ahh, well… “they just know way more” and “they went to medical school, etc.”

The reality is that it’s time to take control of your own health. Instead of consuming Big Pharma’s poison to deal with stress, you can choose to use the natural plant medicines given to us by the earth.

Today’s cannabis comes in many different forms, and you can choose whether to be open with your medicine or keep it private—smoking is great for some, while others prefer to eat a gummy bear or two to deal with life without tension.

It’s very important to pick the right delivery system for you (smoke, vape, or edible) and the strain and potency that will deliver the experience that you desire.

Here are 4 cannabis products that are excellent for helping with stress and tension.

CBD Tincture

Bottle of CBD Tincture

Our CBD tinctures are light and clean and tasty.

 With 500 mg in one ounce, you can choose your own amount with the dropper included in the bottle.

Drop under the tongue for best absorption or add it to a drink if you choose.

THC Gummy Worms

Award-winning taste, all Natural Premium THC Edibles.

A great way to relax for those who don’t want to smoke or vape.

The gummies are available in many flavors!

Cannabis Flowers

We offer a huge selection of the finest cannabis flowers to members of our collective.

There are currently over 40 strains in stock.

We recommend Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies for stress relief.

Vape Cartridges

Co2 extraction THC / CBD cartridges. We have a huge selection of vape cartridges available to members of our collective. We recommend Grand Daddy Purp, Jack Herer, and Louis XIII for stress relief.

Be Pain Free Global is committed to helping our collective find vital wellness through plant medicine, and we picked this mix of products specifically for dealing with stress and tension.

To help you relax, we’re offering a $15 special for all pre-rolls use coupon code “puff puff”


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