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Bite into these delicious and soft, cannabis infused gummy worms. Each of the 20 worms contain 25mg of THC allowing you to medicate discreetly no matter where you are.


  1. NpJordan

    Never a let down always consistent quality and potency. Also the worms make for easy dosing, just eat a quarter, half or pop the whole gummy.

  2. b00k3r20 (verified owner)

    Great! 25mg ea, is great! Taste great!

  3. maryjane

    Love these gummies – great price, always a consistent high. I use them to help with muscle recovery and sleep.

  4. Shaun Jordan (verified owner)

    Awesome edible! My favorite mid range edible. Taste awesome! Easy to cut in quarters and halves. Love the color split. Makes dosing easy. 25 mg is a great increment for increasing dose in my opinion. Great at 1/2, and amazing at three worms. Love this product!

  5. mbarraclough (verified owner)

    Excellent for pain relief. Potent for me, but I am a light weight I guess. LOL.

    1/4 to 1/2 is plenty for me… and I ain’t small ! Never used THC, but it is more effective than opiates.
    EVERYONE here is extremely helpful !

  6. Brandy Parker (verified owner)

    Definitely gives a relaxing, smooth feeling. Little bit hard to judge the dose, if you’re wanting half a gummy. Flavor is great and I do enjoy the color split!

  7. Robin Montemayor (verified owner)

    ALWAYS always keep these guys around. Can’t sleep ? Eat one..
    If you’re new I recommend NOT consuming a whole one try 1/4-1/2 a candy. It has a very gradual effect and can sneak up.
    Edibles metabolize differently and will not flush out of your system ( UA ) ( even for the light consumer ). Keep your MD informed on all supplements especially if you’re scheduled medication. Great MMJ.

  8. Gina Costa (verified owner)

    My favorite gummies by far! 25 MG each piece.. strong and delicious. I love these. Always in my cart when I shop here!

  9. Melissa Melendez (verified owner)

    I had eight hour cancer surgery year ago, now in remission. They removed my right calf, 14 lymph’s from right groin and took four strips of skin from left leg to seal right leg up. I been threw heck and back learning to rewalk the pain and no sleep is hard. But these little guys do wonders, better then any med could deliver. But will say not for the weak, they deliver a 123 knock out punch. But you will get a restful nights sleep. Highly recommend.

  10. Pamela McDowell (verified owner)

    Love these gummies! Start out with 1/4 of a worm if you are just beginning thc. Give it a little while to take effect. I like the two different colors also. As others have said, it makes it easier to consume a little at a time. I am now up to a worm a night for sleeping and depression. They have helped tremendously. Don’t want to do without – ever. And… they taste really good.

  11. deidre.swain (verified owner)

    These are amazing! I normally don’t like edibles because you can’t predict the high but with these, they are very well made so across the board you know when.

  12. Kevin (verified owner)

    Love these things.

  13. Richard Pedersen (verified owner)

    10/10 great little treat

  14. Russell May (verified owner)

    10/10 Highly recommend. These are perfect for beginners and vets. Take a half or one for mild effects. Or a few for higher tolerances. Best bang for buck imo

  15. Samantha Caston McDowell (verified owner)

    Will definitely sneak up on you. I can do these with a indica blunt of my favorite flower and bam I’m sleep

  16. Samantha Caston McDowell (verified owner)

    Worth the price. I love the split color as I can eat half now and later

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