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THC Infused Gummy Bears by Faded Concentrate – A Be Pain Free Global Brand

Like many of your favorite candies, Faded Concentrate’s Gummy Bears are a fruity treat! They not only bring your taste buds alive; the THC infused sweets offer gentle relief and brighten your day! Each of the 30 bears contain 17 mg of THC allowing you to medicate discreetly anytime, anywhere.

Some consumers feel giddy, joyful, tranquil and have a stimulated appetite after these gummy bears kick in and many find relief from depression, pain, stress and inflammation. We hope you enjoy them!

500 mg per package, 30 pieces with 17 mg in each gummy

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Did you know that some edibles can take over an hour before you feel the effects? This package contains 30 pieces with 17 mg THC per piece.  We suggest you read the instructions provided on the package for correct dosage. Over consumption of these tangy, sweet treats can create a strong sense of euphoria. Small amounts can reduce pain, insomnia and anxiety.  Activation time is approximately 30-60 minutes.  Duration is typically 2 – 5 hours.



  1. PumpkinQueen

    Very interesting combination of sugary sweetness with that classic “green” taste. I enjoyed these.

    • TeamBPFG

      Thank you for being a valued member and for the great review. You can never go wrong with this classic!

  2. maryjane

    I love how these gummies taste! The 16.6mg dosage makes them great for daytime use.

  3. Shaun Jordan (verified owner)

    Love this! Great flavor and texture. My favorite low milligram edible. I use it in the day, and sometimes combined it with a slightly stronger edible to get a different affect during the night. Highly recommend.

  4. Brandy Parker (verified owner)

    Really like these, though there does seem to be some variability in the effect, gummy to gummy. But I like the lower amount as it can have a more mellow effect.

  5. Ryan Wallace (verified owner)

    Enjoy these, but there’s definitely a variable effect. Some of the individual gummies are weak, others just right.

  6. msmith29 (verified owner)

    Great for daytime use. Potency differs in some bears but overall excellent product. I will always have a bag of these on hand.

  7. shansmi85 (verified owner)

    These are the best edibles on the site and have been for my two years of ordering! Never go wrong with these. I do agree that the effect isn’t consistent, so sometimes I have to eat more to get the same effect. I put these in my travel bag for flights too! Wont leave without them.

  8. Juanita Gray (verified owner)

    These are dangerously delicious and will leave you lifted if you eat too many – a must with every order!!!

  9. Lori (verified owner)

    I love these gummies!! Very tasty and perfect for anytime of day. Have already ordered more.

  10. TL (verified owner)

    These bears hit the spot everytime ! Great for everyday use !

  11. Samantha Caston McDowell (verified owner)

    These were good and have a fruity taste

  12. Poppyhg (verified owner)

    Switched to 1 or 2 gummie bears or the a gummie worm at the suggestion of my grandson and daughter when my doctors prescribed sleeping pills stopped working (actually the sleeping pills really never worked). The gummies are great and I was pleasantly surprised how great they work! I now get the best night sleep. Even though I have never been a THC user, these are perfect for a great night sleep taken before bed. If I wake up during the night I take another 1/2 and quickly fall back to sleep. I highly recommend these, not only do they work like magic, Bepainfree Global is the easiest and most affordable way to order this medicine. Dave R. is a great rep, providing knowledgeable advise and support should I have questions or need help with ordering.
    I don’t know what I’d do without these. Great product, service & fast discrete shipping.

  13. Alfonso Pena (verified owner)

    Awesome gummys great taste and smooth effects log lasting and relaxing

  14. Cbcarey (verified owner)

    Love these! They make me feel euphoric and giddy. Took one at a wedding and was dancing and filled with love all night. Great deal plus they taste good

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