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This balanced hybrid strain may offer consumers relief for conditions such as pain, insomnia,stress and anxiety. Sherbacio comes on fast and peaks around one hour. It’s a popular strain among cannabis patients, due to its positive, long-lasting effects.

Gives feelings of being: Mellow, Engaged, Joyful, Tranquil, Uplifted, Talkative, Revived, Inspired

Herbal Support For: Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, High Blood Pressure

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This Product Is Only Available To Order With A Valid California Medical Recommendation.

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Contents: full spectrum sativa/indica.

Reported Flavors and Aromas: Chocolate, Citrus, Sour, Sweet, Nutty, Creamy, Tropical, Berry, Diesel

Comparable strains: Jesus OG, Purple Urkle, Garlic Cookies

Possible Side Effects: Insomnia, Low Blood Pressure

The Sherbacio cannabis cultivar is a balanced hybrid strain bred by Alien Labs through the lineage of Sunset Sherbert and Gelato #41.


1 Oz, 3.5 grams

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