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This balanced hybrid strain may offer physical relief for conditions such as pain and insomnia, while at the same time it could offers relief from stress and anxiety. Runtz comes on fast and peaks around one hour. It’s a popular strain among product users, because it’s powerful and long lasting, but if too much is consumed, the effects can be intense and lead to “couch lock.”

Gives feelings of being:  Planted, Mellow, Blissful, Giddy, Inspired, Aroused, Talkative, Introspective

Could Be Used For: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Pain, PTSD, Insomnia

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Contents: full spectrum sativa/indica.

Alias: Runtz OG, White Runtz

Reported Flavors and Aromas: Fruity, Sweet, Tropical, Berry, Cereal-milk, Candy, Citrus, Pepper, PineSol, Skunk

Comparable strains: Snow Cone, Little Dragon, White Buffalo

Possible Side Effects: Dizzy, Concern, Introspect, Appetite Stimulant

Runtz is a well-adjusted hybrid strain bred through the lineage of Zkittlez and Gelato. Runtz is a parent strain of both Runtz Buttonz and Pink Runtz.

12 reviews for RUNTZ HYBRID SHAKE – HTC

  1. Daniel McBride (verified owner)

    Just got mine its good but it was short a little over 3 grams

  2. Jmurr89 (verified owner)

    Can’t beat it big gas 🔥🔥🔥they were a little shy but bpfg got me strait definitely recommend it

  3. Ol_Painless

    Does the job of Pain Chasing. Mine wasn’t short. Been awhile since purchase……

  4. Built4it (verified owner)

    Great smell and taste, buzz quick, n less stems than my Russian Assassin . Lot less

  5. NSBdnb (verified owner)

    I love this strain. Bag was spot on the weight and was completely full of small nugs. Barely any stems at all. Buzz is very stoney and long lasting. Great for taking away anxiety.

  6. Thomas Mcclelland (verified owner)

    Pretty amazing taste n n awesome to smoke very great for anxiety and Arthritis pain also

  7. Leona Livingston (verified owner)

    Used it to make brownies and they were amazing. It was a nice full body high.

  8. Built4it (verified owner)

    Funky, Frosty, Fast…🤬FanTasTic💯😉

  9. Eileen Catalano (verified owner)

    Purchased a few times before and always was happy with it…until I purchased it again and it was a bag full of leaves…🤨

  10. Traci Miller (verified owner)

    Amazing product! So proud of my lil nuggets I get!!💚💚💚

  11. Tyler Bowling (verified owner)

    Good for bedtime

  12. Pcolya Crumby (verified owner)

    It’s a great strand honestly. Thick smoke, fruity taste with the citrus tingle. Def gets you lifted ☁️. One of my Fave Shakes. 💯

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