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Master Kush is a must-try for indica enthusiasts, especially those who like powerful OG genetics. Its adaptable, multi-faceted high may either perk up the intellect or slow down the body, depending on the user’s needs. Master Kush may be a terrific way to unwind after a hard day, whether you’re alone or with others that share your interests.

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Master Kush Strain Information

Master Kush is a resinous strain deserving of its high moniker. This is also a bud with a lot of bag appeal, with its vibrant purple leaves. Master Kush provides users with a great blend of intellectual clarity and total relaxation. This renowned indica-dominant hybrid is created from OG Kush genetics and retains its parent strain’s distinct scent. Master Kush distinguishes itself with medium to big nuggets that adhere together in conical forms. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 determined its THC level to be between 13% and 17%.

  • Aroma

    • Master Kush, when adequately cured, may smell incredibly sweet, almost skunky, with a fermented edge. There’s also an earthy, musky undercurrent that keeps the scent organic and grounded. When these thick blooms are mashed up or torn open, they emit a pungent odor resembling aged cheese.
  • Flavor

    • When these powerful odors combine in a pipe or a joint, they produce a thick, unpleasant smoke that can cause coughing or wet eyes. On the exhale, Master Kush’s smoke tastes both sweet and bitter.
  • Appearance

    • These spade-shaped blooms feature the densely packed structure common to other indica-dominant cultivars, with their leaves covering one other as they curve firmly inward toward their core stems. The leaves themselves are a light sea green; specific genotypes of the strain also have pale and dark purple areas in their leaves. Finally, a blanket of silvery-white trichomes covers these dense blossoms’ inner and exterior surfaces, imparting the Master shine mentioned in the name.
  • Effects

    • Master Kush produces a sluggish, creeping high that may take up to 15 minutes after users have completed coughing on its smoke to demonstrate its potency. The effects finally manifest as a throbbing around the eyes and on the forehead. This feeling quickly travels down the neck and into the core and limbs, making users feel weighed down. Users generally describe a shift in sensory perception in addition to a sudden pervasive calmness. Visual and aural amplification is to be expected, as are strange occurrences such as altered depth perception or an intense sensation of time dilation. Smokers of Master Kush may discover that their thoughts take on a freshly heightened quality as they adjust to the impact of this strain’s sedative and hallucinogenic potency. Ideas may hop about freely associating; sometimes, a single notion may establish itself to take more of the user’s attention than it would otherwise. Master Kush’s head-focused effects make it a perfect bud to savor before tackling complicated, analytical activities, as well as more open-ended creative endeavors. This strain, however, may prohibit users from engaging in physical activity, whether it’s exercising or just getting up and cleaning the home, because of its heavy and intractable body stone.
  • THC

    • 13-17%

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