You asked for it, we’re ready to deliver!  We now have over six of the most potent psilocybin shrooms available and ready to ship to your door! These powerful magic shrooms are dried, prepared and ready for dosing! 

What a delight!  Now you can add the popular Jack Frost to your repertoire of alternative medicines!  This cultivar is powerful and quick to deliver fractals, geometric visuals and hallucinations.  Psilocybin connoisseurs agree that the whiter the shroom, the higher amount of psilocybin and psilocin and since Jack Frost was bred through the lineage of Dave Wombat’s True Albino Teacher and Albino Penis Envy, you can expect a pure white shroom with intense effects.  Some consumers find that this strain would fit midway between P.E. and Golden Teacher in terms of potency and others feel it is stronger than both.  If you place yourself in a positive setting, you may also experience an altered sense of self/death of ego and oneness with the world around you!

Each strain offered on BPFG.com has been bred, stabilized and fully grown in a laboratory specialized in cultivating potent indoor mushroom strains. Quantities are limited, stock up today!  3.5 grams per package!

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Jack Frost Psilocybin

Magic shrooms have been exploding in popularity due to the lasting benefits, therapeutic properties and mystical experiences.  If taken in low doses (microdosing), no psychoactive effects are triggered, but a deep sense of grounding, calm ensues.  Some studies conclude that the main benefits of microdosing are inspired thinking, stimulated brain cells and increased focus.  It’s often suggested for patients with OCD, depression and anxiety disorders.  Psilocybin is notably used to treat pain and uplift your spirits, but it’s entirely possible you could have psychedelic experiences and/or altered sensory perceptions with higher doses of magic mushrooms!

Hey, we know you’re ready to dive in to microdosing, but proceed with caution and test the waters first!  By getting small doses into your system, the more potent doses won’t be so overwhelming.  As a guideline, a standard dose of psilocybin is approximately 2-3 grams, but two grams of one variety, such as the potent Jack Frost, could be far more intense than an equal dose of Alacabenzi.  It is strongly suggested to have a support system in place, such as a sitter, therapist or a guide, as well as a designated space and time set aside for the most valuable, positive experiences.

By applying popular methods of preparation, some of the unwanted side effects related to consumption can be avoided.  You may want to try the Lemon Tek practice, in which whole pieces of the shroom are soaked in lemon juice prior to consumption.  Another alternative is a simple seeped magic mushroom tea with ginger and/or lemon juice added, as both aid in treating nausea/vomiting.  These methods produce a more palatable flavor, while at the same time reducing nausea and offering an overall gentler intake.


Psilocybin strains are expansive amplifiers, which alter perception, mood and thought.  It is unlikely that they will render positive effects for those who have preexisting anxiety conditions.  Antidepressants, other drugs and alcohol can alter the effects of psychedelic mushrooms.  Due to the nature of our individual genetics, the information provided here at BPFG.com regarding dosage and effects is subjective.  We hope you will listen to your body and make choices accordingly.  We have great respect for plant medicine and hope you will as well.


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