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Relief CBD Suppositories are formulated for prevent or treat muscle spasms, cramps and other troubling symptoms. They provide localized muscle relaxation and inflammation relief. The suppositories can be used vaginally or rectally. Each suppository delivers 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD right where you need it.

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Broad-spectrum CBD in organic cocoa butter.

8 suppositories with 100 mg active CBD each

Ingredients:  Organic-certified fair trade cocoa butter. Broad-spectrum extract from USDA organic-certified, regeneratively-grown USA hemp (CBD)

How to Use
Vaginal Use:  CBD is usually most effective just before or when cramping starts. Elevate your hips and insert the suppository as deeply as possible. Allow some time for the CBD to absorb into the local tissues. After you stand up again, some oil may still drip out of your body. This is normal, but you may want to use a liner or tampon.


Because these suppositories contain all-natural oils, if you are inserting before sex, we recommend choosing oil-safe alternatives to latex.

If you are pregnant or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use.

Avoid usage if you are allergic to hemp extract or cocoa butter.

Keep out of reach of children.


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