Say Hello to Happy when you munch on these Potent, White Chocolate with Fruity Pebbles candy bars! 

With each candy bar containing 4 grams of single sourced Albino Penis Envy (A.P.E.) psilocybin, the sky will have no limit!  Microdosing psilocybin has been exploding in popularity as the therapeutic, and sometimes spiritual benefits cannot be denied.  Most consumers who are microdosing do not experience psychoactive effects, but a deep sense of grounding, calm ensues.  Some studies conclude that the main benefits of microdosing are inspired thinking, stimulated brain cells and increased focus. Therapists are suggesting it for patients with OCD, depression and anxiety disorders.  Psilocybin will ease pain and generally make you feel happier.  It’s the breakthrough treatment you’ve been looking for all wrapped up in tasty white chocolate to deliver an experience like no other!

Each of these Happy White Chocolate with Fruity Pebbles shroom bars contain the A.P.E. psilocybin mushroom strain blended with mouthwatering chocolate and fruity cereal, delivered to you in ten breakable squares with .6g in each piece!  This measurement allows you to consume a precise dose to meet your needs.

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This Product Is Only Available To Order With A Valid California Medical Recommendation.

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Some Happy chocolate bars contain milk, soy and peanuts.

Each bar contains 4 grams of psilocybin mushroom.  You can choose from a variety of options for your micro-dosing schedule.  We recommend you consult with your health practitioner for dosage and schedule recommendations.

Manufacturer Recommended Dosage:

1-2 squares per Micro-dose

3-7 squares per Therapeutic dose

8-10 squares per Hero’s dose

Penis Envy (P.E.)/Albino Penis Envy (A.P.E.) is definitely the most potent psilocybe cubensis strain. Legend has it that the strain was first isolated from an exceptionally strong mushroom culture found deep in the amazon, by legendary ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, author and advocate, Terrence McKenna.


The effects of this strain are congruent with most other shrooms in the psilocybe genus, but with added intensity. These effects include vivid visual stimulation, intense feelings of euphoria, deep introspection/philosophical ideation and a mystic aura which adds to the experience.



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