Ghost OG is a popular strain among cannabis patients. The medicine is a powerful, long-lasting creeper and if too much is consumed, the effects can be intense and lead to “couch lock.”

Reported Feelings: Engaged, Inspired, Uplifted, Carefree, Joyful, Planted, Mellow, Tranquil

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Contains: 70% indica.

Alias: Ghost OG Kush

Possible Side Effects: Concern, DrowsyHungry

Comparable Strains: Dosi Face, OG Kush, Fruit Loops, Granddaddy Purple, Ghost OG, Stardawg

Reported Flavors and Aromas: Sweet, Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Pungent, Orange

The Ghost OG cannabis cultivar is an indica forward hybrid strain bred through the lineage of a landrace Afghani strain and OG Kush. Winner of multiple cannabis competitions, it is also a parent strain of both the Banana Kush and Ghost Train Haze medicinal marijuana strains.

The Cherry Sherbert cannabis cultivar is an indica forward hybrid strain bred by Compound Genetics through the lineage of Biscotti and Jet Fuel with Gelato


1 Oz, 3.5 grams


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