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DIAMOND SAUCE – SOUR TANGIE by High Tolerance Concentrates (HTC) – A Be Pain Free Global Brand

Crystal formations of the cannabinoid THC-A give a faceted appearance and are recognized as the diamonds of the cannabis flower. These sparkling THC-A diamonds are mixed with a highly concentrated terpene sauce that is activated with heat and ideal for the avid dabber seeking a potent medicine with vibrant flavor.

With a higher concentration of sativa, this strain may offer users cerebral relief for conditions such as depression and stress. Sour Tangie is a popular strain among cannabis consumers because it’s a powerful one-hitter that’s long-evolving. The effects may be intense, so users should take it slow one toke at a time. This is a great daytime strain to get you up and going!

Reported Feelings: Revived, Inspired, Engaged, Giddy, Uplifted, Carefree, Joyful, Optimistic, Serene

Could Be Used For: Appetite Stimulant, Muscle Tension and Spasms, Cramps, Fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headache, Nausea, Alzheimer’s Disease, PMS, Stress

This Product Is Only Available To Order With A Valid California Medical Recommendation.

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Contains: 80% sativa.

Alias: Crockett’s Sour Tangie

Possible Side Effects: Rapid Heartbeat, Hungry

Comparable Strains: Wedding Cake, GG4, Brandywine, Chem 91, Strawberry Haze

Reported Flavors and Aromas: Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Tangy, Citrus, Lemon, Orange, Diesel, Earthy, Pungent

The Crockett’s Sour Tangie cannabis cultivar is a sativa forward hybrid strain bred by Crockett’s Family Farm through the lineage of Tangie and Sour Diesel.


  1. Charles Webster (verified owner)

    Sour Tangie has probably been my favorite sativa to come out this 2022 year. Soon as you open it, the terps and aromas slap you like your name is Chris Moonrock. That citrusy twang even makes my throat not as sore as other sativas. This is my good morning diamond or if i need a “energy drink” style boost to get me going. Beautiful color on the diamonds, darker amber was delicious again. 9/10. Would reorder!

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