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1 oz (29.5 ml) with 500 mg CBD, Lemon Flavor

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NEW FLAVORS! NEW DOSAGES!  NEW PACKAGING! Our best selling item just up-leveled! Made with just three ingredients: organic MCT coconut oil, Hemp CBD, and natural flavor. Taken sublingually or in a beverage—tinctures target a variety of common issues such as: pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, and overall wellness. Tincture dosages can be adjusted for your particular needs with our graduated droppers.

Choose From :

500 mg:  Lemon or Mint  (full spectrum)

1,000 mg: Orange (THC free) or Blueberry (full spectrum)

2,000 mgWild Berry (THC free),  Mango, Grape, Raspberry, Pineapple, Vanilla Cake, Chocolate (full spectrum)


500 Mg Lemon, 500 MG Mint, 1,000 MG Orange(THC FREE), 1,000 MG Blueberry, 2,000 MG Grape, 2,000 MG Raspberry, 2,000MG Chocolate, 2,000 MG Vanilla Cake, 2,000 MG Pineapple, 2,000 MG Mango, 2,000 MG Wildberry (THC FREE)


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