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CBD Fountain Specialty Tinctures (Re-Leaf CBG and Sweetdreams CBN):

Re-Leaf CBD/CBG Tincture:

If you are looking for relief, then our CBD/CBG lemon tincture is the ticket!

Organic MCT Coconut oil is the perfect carrior oil to shuttle the benefits of CBD and CBG to where you need it the most. With our graduated dropper, you can take as much or as little as you need. 750 mg CBD/250 mg CBG


Sweetdreams CBD/CBN Tincture:

Our Sweetdreams Gummies has a tincture cousin! Perfect to support happy slumber, our cinnamon flavored tincture will bring sweetdreams.

Organic MCT coconut oil base, 600 mg CBD and 400 mg CBN in a one ounce bottle. Start small and increase ass needed. Nighty night!


Re-Leaf CBD/CBG, Sweetdreams CBD/CBN

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