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1 Gram syringe:

A little goes a long way.  For best results, start with a little bit and work your way up.  For easy, discreet medicating.

Select Strain:

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Easy to use flavorful extract. Because of its high THC content at 90%, this product is recommended for Higher tolerant patients. This unique and fun way of dispensing can be used to refill cartridges, added on flower, edibles, Blunts, Dabbing on a rig or used as is.

Comes in 7 flavors:

Indica: Skywalker OG, Louis XIII, Northern Light

Hybrid: Bubba Kush, Gorilla Glue, Purple Punch

Sativa: Jack Herer, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream

Strain & Plant Choices

Sativa – Jack Herer, Sativa – Sour Diesel, Sativa – Green Crack, Hybrid – Bubba Kush, Hybrid – Gorilla Glue, Indica – Louis, Indica – Skywalker, Hybrid – Purple Punch, Sativa – Blue Dream, Indica – Northern Light, Hybrid – Fruity Pebbles, Hybrid – Tropical Trainwreck


  1. maryjane

    Super potent, amazing quality. Highly recommend.

  2. Shaun Jordan (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing! I would recommend starting with half of a recommended dose which is a size of a dry grain of rice. Incredibly potent. I love the strain availability. I am able to use this to treat things that I would usually use Indica sativa’s or hybrid. Nice to have a different method with all the other entourage effects.

  3. Glassguy69 (verified owner)

    Potent and flavorful. I love the packaging, very easy to dose and store. No mess.

  4. LeeAnn Franks (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the strongest, most potent, and flavorful of any product I’ve bought so far!! You will not be disappointed!! 😎🔥🔥🔥

  5. MommyDeddens (verified owner)

    Straight 🔥 🔥 🔥 Straight
    FIRE !!

    I use a mixture of meds, this is always on the list. One of my favorite top 5 because no way you can pick one. That’s why it’s the lonely number of all. ( told you it’s good ) that’s why we buy more!! 🥳🥳💚🪴☮🌬

  6. Damien Knause (verified owner)

    Extremely inconsistent potency ,each strain changes each time you order . Used to be the best oils available ,,now a pricey gamble

  7. Ol_Painless (verified owner)

    Is this Full Spectrum Whole Plant or Full Spectrum THC?

  8. Ol_Painless (verified owner)

    Are they replacing the Terpenes with CBD? Used to be 10% Terpenes, now it is 10% CBD.

  9. Ol_Painless (verified owner)

    When will more Indica strains arrive?

  10. Ol_Painless (verified owner)

    Not sure what it will work like now that the 10% Terpenes have been replaced with 10% CBD.

  11. Ol_Painless (verified owner)

    Still has that Terpenes taste. Entourage effects still offered.

  12. Deborah Lynn Kocak (verified owner)

    Strain gives me short lived energy. Ergo, I use more!!!

  13. Ol_Painless (verified owner)

    Works well, 40 good Pain Relieving doses per 1 gram dispenser.

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