Our Mission

A Successful Approach To Healing That Improves Quality Of Life

To create a lucrative business with the sole intention of bringing plant medicine to those in need of relief from the myriad of illnesses that plague modern societies. With passion and purpose, we will use science and the latest technologies to find the most effective products and solutions for our clients—while honoring our planet with a commitment to sustainability and co-impact sourcing.

Today our population suffers an epidemic of health problems, a seemingly endless list of disease caused by a flawed understanding of nutrition, environmental toxins, and a dramatic shift in lifestyle as technology permeates every facet of life.

Opioids, addiction, obesity, pain management, diabetes, and a general state of malaise about healthcare have taken over the narrative, leaving individuals to choose the failing drug-focused path that their physician offers, or finding alternatives that make better sense. These more open-minded solutions and the laser-focus on health and wellness create a major opportunity for Be Pain Free to serve the needs of those who suffer, while building an environment of trust and security that will keep our clients feeling great.

If you observe the world of pharmaceuticals—that includes mainly prescription medications—you will see a trillion-dollar market (1057.2 billion in 2015), whose products produce major side effects and additional health issues throughout the population. Most drugs are symptomatic and provide a sense of temporary relief while laying the foundation for long-term health issues.

Be Pain Free brings a more successful approach to healing that improves the quality of life of our clientele, all while solidifying a solid spot in this lucrative marketplace. With our database of 70 million people and a team of brilliant healthcare practitioners, we will bring this very needed alternative platform to a global audience—and be a nimble business, shifting as needed to maximize benefits for our clients and financial partners and key stakeholders.

Now that you know our mission, learn about our vision at the link below.

Our Vision to Heal

We are a reliable and trusted source of CBD and Medicinal Cannabis for patients across the country who suffer from illness, pain, mood disorders and more. Our Vision to Heal is why so many patients have placed their trust in Be Pain Free for their medicinal needs.

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