My Story…

My Story…


I want to tell my story about the pain that I’ve been through for the last 11 years and the depression, along with anxiety and all the things that went with that.

During this time I became addicted to opioids, muscle relaxers, painkillers, sleeping aids, etc just to be able handle the pain.

Over time, this was not an answer to my problems of physical pain and mental anxiety and my sleeping disorder.

I was in and out of different counseling to help me manage all of this craziness.

I had a friend that was going thru something similar when he told me about this wonderful company, BE PAIN FREE!

Let me tell you about the ONLY reason for me being able to free myself of the chemicals in pain pills that BIG Pharmacy are feeding the public.

Whenever I was taking so many painkillers I became a person that I didn’t even know anymore.


Then I was introduced to this wonderful company BEPAINFREEGLOBAL and the wonderful products that helped every one of my issues that I was having.

I realized the only way to numb the pain was to over medicate myself with opioids so that I could be pleasant with my family, kids, and friends.

Whenever I would look at different options for me to help there simply wasn’t many that would take the place of the chemicals that we were putting in our body…until somebody introduced me to!

Their product line along with the stellar client care for learning the dosages of the products to take has CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

I remember at the beginning of my first order and how nervous I was to receive my shipment in the mail because of the laws in my state I live in… but the ease of use from shipping all the way down to product selection and the customer support was a game changer. My new meds helped me reduce my anxiety, my depression, and most of all my pain.

I was able to stop taking the drugs that I was taking before with the Dr’s help.

Even my doctor is amazed at the turnaround he has seen in me!!! I now live the “” LIFE because this was the answer to prayer!

Thank You for being the reason for my new life of being truly pain free!!!

Products that made a huge impact to my situation was:

  • Gummies – able to work and function all day with the right dosage for you. Helps with Pain, Anxiety, and sleeping
  • Tinctures – able to discreetly take under my tongue in public to relieve my pain.
  • Wax/Concentrates – relaxes my pain like nothing else. Can be used in so many ways.
  • Vape Carts – very discreet in public and has extremely great pain relief on the go.
  • Gummies – the orange slices are amazing for sleeping aid. Never I have slept better!



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