How to Register for Legal Medical Cannabis

Be Pain Free Global is a cannabis collective that allows patients in all 50 states to receive their medicine with ease legally via Telemedicine Under The Compassionate Use Act of 1996. In this article, we walk you through how to register for legal medical cannabis delivery. If you are only interested in purchasing CBD products, you only need to complete step 1 below. If you would like access to view and order all products in the store, please complete all three steps below.  

1. Sign up at Be Pain Free Global

Here is a link to sign up for a free membership. REGISTER NOW

If you do not already have a California medical card, skip the upload form for now and just complete the membership form. It takes about 2 minutes and we only ask for Name, DOB, and email.

Once you have completed that, we will be more than happy to help you obtain a California medical recommendation online, from the comfort of your home. The California recommendation will give you access to our medical THC products.

2. Get a California Medical Recommendation

Schedule an online consultation below, with a doctor from our list of approved and certified California doctors, for your online Medical Marijuana Recommendation appointment. As soon as you receive an electronic copy of your recommendation you can register an account with Be Pain Free and place your order for medicine.

Approved Online Doctors For Recommendations
MedCardNow Fee starts at $39
MMJ Herb Fee starts at $25
LA420doctor Fee starts at $50

Regardless of what state you reside in, you must choose California for the state of the recommendation.

Once your purchase is complete and you answer a brief questionnaire, you will receive an email confirmation from in about 15 minutes. This email will have your California medical recommendation. It should include your name, the date issued, the date of expiration, and a picture of a seal on the recommendation. This is what we need in order for you to purchase THC products.

3. Upload Your California Recommendation to Be Pain Free

Once you have received your recommendation via email, email your recommendation and ID to Be Pain Free support. Your account will be activated within 24 hours.

Once activated, you will receive a welcome email from the collective and you’ll be all set to view and purchase cannabis products.

Please feel free to call our customer care center at (888) 420-3848 with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful day with many blessings along the way.

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Are You Ready To Be Pain Free?

Be Pain Free Global Is A Recognized Leader In The Medical Cannabis Space. If you would like to learn more about us or how to join the collective you can reach out to us via the chat button on our website, or call us at 1-888-420-3848

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