How to Be Pain Free Naturally with Medicinal Cannabis

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Can we ever be free from pain?

Back pain, for example, is the #1 disability in the world!  Just imagine the pile of pills, procedures, and PROFIT generated by just one area of the body!

Freedom from pain…Such simple words,  symbolizing one of the most complicated issues we face as a culture today. Nowhere else will you find the ugly power of the Medical Matrix working so effectively.

Just think about it for a minute, ok?

 We have created the most corrupt and twisted system imaginable—a dystopian drama on crack!

If Dr. Evil was plotting world domination, what might he conjure up to do us all in? Imagine a table filled with politicians, bankers, drug company moguls—we have all seen the movie, right?



“My most evil partners in crime—welcome! Here is my latest crazy plot to enslave the world and give us total control!”

“First, we’ll Poison the air, water and food with chemicals that cause diseases of every part of the body. Then, we will build a huge bunch of businesses to “treat” the zillions of sick people—and get this, my evil bro’s—we really won’t ever make them better! The profits on drugs is huge, so we will not only make billions of them… we will buy off all the politicians and media so we can advertise the drugs on TV all the time! We will force them to buy “insurance” to get our “health care” and we’ll never let anyone know how much things cost! And here is the best part… the drugs we make will be addictive! They will have to have more, more, more! Get the factories rolling! Drugs go out the front door, truckloads of money roll into the back!”


There is GOOD news!

For many thousands of years, we didn’t have “drugs”—we had natural medicines, derived from the plants that grow freely all over the world. Herbs, essential oils, and flowers healed wounds and relieved pain long before we gave our power away to the corrupt schemers like Dr. Evil—and once again, plant medicine has come to the forefront of healing disease and alleviating pain.


The Cannabis Solution

The myriad pains and discomfort that plague our population can be remedied by Cannabis—ancient medicine made even better by compassionate scientists and cutting-edge technology. We are way beyond just “smoking weed.”

 Understanding cannabinoids and terpenes is essential to the effective use of cannabis as medicine for pain. 

Here are several high-quality and potent products that can help get you on the path to a pain-free life!


Smoking Cannabis

If you are a smoker, there are many strains that have been bred to alleviate pain. We recommend using these medicines at night after your daytime activities are finished—most Indica-dominant cannabis can lead to “couch-lock”, so stay away from driving! An easy way to remember the difference between Indica and Sativa strains is Indica = “in-da-couch”. 

Many cannabis users have switched to “vaping” the flowers”, which minimizes any health risk by avoiding the harsher “smoke”—produces more flavor— and allows the delicate terpenes to enhance the flavor experience.

Our flower menu at Be Pain Free Global changes based on the harvest and availability, so check regularly for your favorite strains. Here are just two examples of the potent, high-quality strains that are in-stock (as of today).




Eating Cannabis

Edibles are a fantastic way to use medicinal cannabis: they are powerful, discreet, and allow accurate and consistent dosing. If you have never tried edibles, be aware—the effects take up to two hours to kick in—and if you overdo, you may end up on the couch whether you want to or not!

Gummies are a delicious and simple way to medicate with Cannabis! We have both THC and CBD versions available.

Chocolate and baking mixes are a fun way to take your medicine too! 


THC Infused Gummy Watermelon Slices





Medicinal Cannabis is available to you today. The only requirement is a Medical Marijuana Recommendation, which can be obtained online with a doctor, from the comfort of your home. Learn More – get your medical cannabis recommendation in 30 minutes or less!


BePainFree is a conscious cannabis collective comprised of doctors, farmers, manufacturers, and patients. We offer the finest Medicinal Products from fresh cannabis flowers, vapes, edibles, and oils. We also provide superfoods, herbs, and other healing plants. Email us at to become a member of the collective today.


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