Nature’s Perfection- Enhanced Treatment for Cancer With Cannabis

From plants and saps come various extracts that have been used for centuries in therapeutic and alternative medicinal applications. A widely used and recently revived form is aromatherapy in which popular essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang are implemented in treating hypertension and anxiety.

The essential oil of helichrysum can stop a fresh cut from bleeding almost instantly and citronella has been used naturally and commercially to repel insects. The biological properties that allow these effects to express are terpene and flavonoid compounds found exclusively in nature where more than 20,000 of them contribute to various healing remedies.

They can be found in foods such as berries, cacao nibs and teas, but when extracted and applied medicinally, they offer a multitude of concentrated health benefits, including relief from many pharmaceutical side effects.

Studies have shown that the terpenes found in both boswellia and cannabis work at a cellular level in cancer treatments. While the sativa species of cannabis has the most widely recognized healing terpenes, the resin of the boswellia tree, known as frankincense has many as well. Both plants have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries and interestingly, they contain some  \]identical terpenes.

From an article in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine (APJTB), it was noted that frankincense, found in the region of Oman, has well been established as a  natural medicinal and when specific methods of extraction and application are used, it “was proven to be an effective anti-proliferative agent against pancreatic and BC (breast  cancer) cells.” Note that, in this case they used Soxhlet extraction, but there are more advanced ways of extraction which maintain the terpene profile and result in a more precise biological concentrate known as live resin.

There is a wide variety of terpenes found in boswellia and a few hundred in cannabis,  but through searching various reports, I found the five common denominators, when it comes to combating cancer are pinene, humulene, camphene, α-phellandrene and limonene.

According to information obtained from a US National Library of Medicine  (NLM) publication, pinene reduces a cancer cell’s viability, tumor growth and the number of tumor nodules. It also works synergistically with paclitaxel (a chemotherapy medication). Humulene inhibits Akt activation (relative to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) /intracellular signaling and homeostasis) and cancer cell reproduction. It enhances effects of oxaliplatin and doxorubicin (cancer and chemotherapy drugs) and 5-fluoruracil, used to treat multiple solid tumors including colon, rectal, breast, gastric,  and pancreatic. Additionally, there’s camphene, which inhibits cell proliferation, induces apoptosis and reduced dermal tumor growth.

Again, found in both cannabis and frankincense is the terpene α-phellandrene, which has a multitude of cancer combating attributes. In the article from APJTB, it was shown  to, decrease cell viability, induce cell cycle arrest, and it “altered the expression of  genes involved in apoptosis, DNA damage, and cell cycle.” It also, induced necrosis and autophagy, which is the body’s process of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells, besides having a host of other beneficial attributes. Limonene is abundantly available in nature and can be found in both boswellia and cannabis. Its cancer fighting traits are its cytotoxic effects and cell cycle arrest. It decreases tumor growth, migration, invasion and secondary malignant growths, among an array of other fascinating and supportive qualities the human host would find effective in enhancing their cancer treatments.

In the same article from APJTB, it was found that there were inhibiting effects on the propagation of cancerous cells in both breast and prostate conditions when cannabinoids, which contain the aforementioned terpenes and flavonoids, are put to work in conjunction with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Based on what they found, “cannabinoids target key signaling pathways involved in all the hallmarks of cancer,” particularly if they contain humulene. What makes cannabis stand-alone from other plants is that the combination of terpenes found in it, not only exhibit cytotoxicity against cancer at a cellular level, it enhances some cancer/chemotherapy medications and provides relief from the unwanted side effects, such as anorexia, nausea and pain.

Well known actress and singer, Oliva Newton John survived breast cancer and in a 60  Minutes (Austraila, 2019) interview, claimed, “I really believe the cannabis has made a huge difference. If I don’t take the drops, I can feel the pain, so I know it’s working.” She told the audience that she had done a lot of research and, “felt satisfied with my course of treatment. It was sort of an East meets West approach. I meditated every day, did yoga, and homeopathy, ate well — I boosted my inner strength as much as I could.  When bad thoughts came in, I pushed them right out.” She and her husband grow their own cannabis on their acreage in California, but for many that’s not an option nor is the best method of dosing, drops or smoking.

There are several sativa cannabis strains which contain various combinations of the terpenes mentioned above and there are various methods of implementing them into your cancer combat regimen, but the perfected method of extraction and resulting live resin is the most potent, complete and effective form on the market today.

If you talk to your doctor for a recommendation you may want to mention this and know that it is available at Please visit the site, so you too can fight cancer and be pain free.

Wishing you many blessings along the way, Mary Ann Merriman, investigating and reporting for

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