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Philosophy 101 1

Philosophy 101

Basic Philosophy 101 Can Help Us Change Our Thoughts and Outcomes There are many Philosophies and different belief systems on the planet, luckily in our age, we have access to vast amounts of information. We can study religions going back over 6000 years and even follow current scientific discoveries. I use these two as an …

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Inner Speech

Your Inner Speech Controls Your Outer Reality The conversation we have in our heads all day creates the reality that we will experience. These thought patterns are influenced by past experiences, the thoughts we are giving energy to, the conversations we are having, as well as television or music we are tuned in to. With …

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Abstract Art: Top of head with colorful brain waves | An article about the Subconscious Mind from Be Pain Free Global - You Online Source for Medicinal Cannabis

The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind is an amazing tool! We can use our subconscious minds to rewrite bad habits, create uplifting programs and obliterate destructive ones. This mind is perfect for holding information. A trained psychologist or hypnotist could regress someone back 40 years and the scene would be vibrant in every detail as if it happened …

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Quantum Physics

Creating Your Future Through Quantum Physics I am going to simplify quantum physics to show you how to create your life by design instead of living by default. Quantum physics is a science that explains how everything comes into our reality and spiritual teachings have said it is given unto you before you even ask. …

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