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Slowly, but surely, we are witnessing the re-emergence of one of the greatest medicinal  plants known to man. Some simply call it weed and it’s now being legally distributed through recommendations written by leading edge doctors, who are bold enough to defy  the stigmatized nature of it.

Since 1942, cannabis was been completely defamed and has been kept  from mainstream healthcare ever since. That’s right, from 1850-1942, cannabis was  legally prescribed by doctors. There are several theories as to why it suddenly became  an illegal substance, but what matters now is that it’s making a comeback!

As of May 18, 2021, 36 states and at least 2 U.S. territories have put a comprehensive  medicinal marijuana program in place. Only a few states remain with dark-age laws that  fully criminalize the use of marijuana whether it be for medicinal or recreational purposes. So, if you’re thinking about relocating and your health is a concern, you may  want to steer clear of Kansas, Nebraska and Idaho!

Although many states have taken  progressive measures to allow their residents the freedom to choose, still blanketing this  country with a dark, lingering cloud are the menacing federal laws. As of June 25, 2021,  the U.S. Federal Government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance.  Whether it be due to the funds funneled from Big Pharma or their desire to retain a level  of control, the use of the substance is still a punishable federal offence and contrary to  evidence, the Federal Government continues to claim that there is no accepted medical  use for cannabis!

Obviously, we could dive into why our government remains in this position due to the  overwhelming amount of funding that lawmakers receive via campaign contributions  from large pharmaceutical companies, but instead, let’s look at the major health benefits  that have been studied and empirically proven. As Dr. Uma Dhanabalan explains,  “cannabis is not an entrance drug, it’s an exit drug from narcotics and pharmaceuticals,  “and “not only should it be a first line option, but not the last resort!”

Dr. Uma, as she  goes by, is a Cannabis Therapeutics Specialist providing Medical Marijuana  authorizations at her practice in Massachusetts, likely for a vast array of conditions. She  is a pioneer, well respected in her field, who is ardent about educating the public and  patients while empowering them with knowledge about cannabis and the  endocannabinoid system. She has traveled the country helping to overturn restrictive  legislature and when she addressed the South Carolina State House in 2017, she  brought to their attention U.S. Patent 663507, which is now assigned to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Under the patent, it is clear that cannabis  holds some miraculous properties.

On October 7, 2003, U.S. Paten 663507 was issued and it disclosed that cannabis held  a newly discovered antioxidant property that could prove to be immensely valuable to  patients who have suffered from various forms of ischemic insults, which are defined as  any reduction in blood flow resulting in decreased oxygen and nutrient supplies to a  tissue.

The Abstract concludes that, “(t)his new found property makes cannabinoids  useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated  diseases,” such as those which are, “…age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune…  (t)he cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage … in patients who have experienced, stroke  and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s  disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.” The scope of this invention comprises  pharmaceutical compounds and compositions that can be used as tissue defense, “and  put to use in the treatment of acute ischemic neurological insults or chronic  neurodegenerative diseases.”

From this we can gather that for those suffering from neurological disorders, such as  epilepsy, stroke or Alzheimer’s, a doctor’s recommendation of cannabis could be the answer to regaining quality in their lives. Interestingly enough, patients suffering from  Alzheimer’s are likely already receiving doses of cannabis in the form of THC, although not the way nature intended, but from a synthetic called dronabinol, which was patented  in 1998 by Unimed Pharmaceuticals, and go figure, to treat people with dementia,

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s! Are you scratching your head along with me? Clearly this  in itself is evidence that THC works on these diseases. Furthermore, dronabinol is  distributed as a medication by the name of Marinol and is also used to treat loss of  appetite, severe nausea and vomiting, all well-known symptoms treatable with cannabis in its natural form! Suffice it to say, the pharmaceutical companies are well aware of the  medicinal benefits of cannabis and there’s no reason whatsoever that it should be illegal, let alone banned from the patients who need it.

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